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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Had napfa today.. 730am at queenstown. fugging early!

Sit up - 44 (gold)
shuttle run - 10.2 (gold)
pull up - 6 (silver)
sbj - 220 (silver)
sit n reach  - 41 (silver)


after that, met dearie for breakfast at cwp mac. then went to civic to apply for dbs debit card. (: finally can book movie tickets online alr. say bye bye to long queue watching movie during holiday.

and lastly, happy 22nd month dear! love u (:

10:23 PM

Saturday, July 31, 2010

On compulsory leave for thurs and fri! long weekend for me (: decided to go jb with dear today. Only changed $80 sgd since the ultimate objective to go jb today is not to shop but to eat instead.

We went out quite early in the morning, no jams at the causeway. sibei heng! had old town white coffee as breakfast. one of my favourite thing to do is eating breakfast with dearie at jb. i also dont know why. -_-" a;ways felt super got appetite in everything i eat. lol.

then went to the usual shops, FOS, reject shop, padini concept store, and those bugis street lookalike stores on the 4th level. got ourselves a set of couple tee. not really nice but still lookable. at rm40. then after that, lunch at kim gary restaurant. cant really remember the exact name. i think the restaurant is equivalent to xing wang hk cafe in singapore lor!except that it is wayyy cheaper. costs only less than rm35 for 2 person. song mans.

will be going there again to try their facial at jean yip. ( my 1st ever facial) think it is around 50% cheaper than sg. just go in to play play and relax. lol. overall, enjoyed myself today. (:

12:28 AM

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 21 Months Dear <3

12:38 AM

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yo.long time no blog! the frequency of me updating is like once/month now. lol! i believe for most of my friends too. blogger is too outdated! who needs to blog when theres tweeter and facebook for u to rant all ur shit. -.-. so from now on, i shall just blog about matters that r more significant.Others just throw to FB.

Today marks the end of my 3 month temp assignment at ameroid. I must say that this is 1 of the most fulfilling job i ever had! not only i get to learn alot of things, i also made alot of good friends(jacqueline,cheryl,khew,ziv,cynthia,lengzhi,zheyan,ailing,kelvin,karen,jenna) thanks everyone for making my work life so interesting. HAHA

Went to Clementi kbox on the last day. I must say this is the 1st time i sing so little songs! CUS! everyone's singing is SO godly!! so many hidden talent in ameroid. lol!

now.. for the GPGT.
thks khew for the card! (i took half hr to read cus its in chinese!)

Also, Farewell dinner with 3 of my bestfriends at Penang Kitchen. The Char Kuey Teow is one of the best that i have tasted!


12:13 PM

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey yo. Just got myself a camera! It's Finepix AX200. 12 megapixel 5x optical zoom HD video! (: so from now onwards ,i shall change my blogging style to more picture and less words. lol!

Bugis with dear ytd then stayed over at her hse and then east coast park & IMM today with her family. dearie bought a new cam also, and its better than mine. argh!:|

Some pictures taken by my new cam. (:

9:04 PM

Monday, May 24, 2010

Its official, i have graduated from SP! (: ha ha ha! next big day will be ord.
view the rest of the photos on facebook! (:

10:34 PM

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stupid alexr hospital. called me last minute saying that i wld need my parents signature for the medical check up! I took 1 day leave specially for this! fuck! now i have to postpone the check up to my graduation day to avoid taking too many off days. Timing sibei tight ah!

anyway! went town today with dear and jo. The new pool outlet at lvl 4 cini is damn cold! v nice. lol.
played pool. walk walk. sommerset313 > cini > Ion orchard > Fep.


DvD's Trademark Pose! HAHA =


9:30 PM